It was a shiny start... But we had grow a lot!

In the beginning of android OS, we had noticed the big potencial that this new OS would make. Actually, the potencial for mobile applications had explode on this year, after the launch of iOS and Android and our company started to make applications for fun.
We first had launch the app for Brazil called Loterias Brasil that was (and still is) a huge success. Following this launch we made more applications, that can be checked in the Applications menu.

Our Numbers (So far...)

Programs Launched

Total Applications Launched!

6 actives and 9 merged together!

Total Downloads

Total of Downloads!

We are less than 4000 users to reach the Half Million Mark!

Admob Request

Admob impressions

This result is since Nov/13!
Each number means a usage. So we have a lot of Active users!